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Audio Production

We provide a variety of audio production services such as song recordings, radio & commercial jingles recording, soundtrack music for movies, Tv and Radio shows; drama recording, beat making, voice coaching, mixing, mastering, and many others.

Video & Photography

High level video production of adverts, music videos, event coverage, Films, series and documentaries production, TV show production with impeccable photographic services.

Events Management

We organize new, target group-specific & innovative event formats and experiences. Your partner for event planning / organization, event trends and live experiences.

Artists Booking

You can book any Rwandan artist of your preference for unbeatable prices, you can not find anywhere. Booking artists with us, is more affordable than yourself reaching out to them

Communication & Marketing

We provide top notch marketing and communications strategies that match your target audience beyond reasonable doubt.

Song Writing

We are countrywide recognized as the best songwriters. Songs we wrote are always in top hits on main stream media channels. if you want a great lyrics do not hesitate to contact us.

Social Media Management

We help companies and individuals leverage on social media platforms thus be able to provide them an increased number of followers and engagement.

Creative Design

We excellent do creative design concepts such as design thinking, animations, web design, infographics, all kinds of graphic design with related design activities.

Bulk sms

Sending messages to multiple users all over the world at the same time instantly, Country Records is the only option.

Multimedia Training

Global trending trainings such as audio production, video production(film and TV production), animation,and graphic design

Equipment Rental

Should you need an equipment in both TV and Film Production, Country Records remains your esteemed provider. Sound and Audio equipment is also available.

Studio Setup

Need a professional, well standardized studio, we help you set it up and meet your needs.

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