Country Records unveils new producer

ONE OF THE LEADING recording studios in Rwanda, Country Records, has gained a new producer namely Kozze, a young brother of Noopja, the owner and founder of the studio.

Born Jean Pierre Irakoze, Kozze becomes the second producer of the studio following Element Pro, the first producer of Country Records who is behind multiple hits in the region.

The-21-year old joins Rwanda’s music industry after graduating at Nyundo School of arts and music where he completed A- level in 2020.

Talking with The New Times, Kozze said that production is something he never studied, but the love he had for music kept pushing him to create melodies that led him to Country Records.

“Music has been my hobby since I was a kid. I feel that our music industry needs more players than ever, that’s why I’ve joined this sector,” he said.

The fast-rising producer also revealed that he got different production skills from recording and jamming sessions in the studio, where he used to pay attention to how Element Pro creates beats.

His name came to life in the industry after appearing on Papa Cyangwe’s recent EP dubbed Sitaki, on which he produced two tracks namely, ‘Kanjenje’ and ‘AHO’.

After appearing on Papa Cyangwe’s EP, Kozze added that he has different tracks in the studio that he is producing including some of top musicians like B-Threy, Juno Kizigenza, Bushali, Kivumbi to mention a few.

 However, the young producer also revealed that he has not signed any contract with the studio, but he is currently working with Country Records as his family.

 Born and raised in the western part of Rwanda, Rusizi district, Kozze is now a new producer in the making of Afro Pop and R&B, with a dream to merge a new genre with sounds from his home village which he dubbed Nkombo Style.  

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